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Coe Brier, founder and owner, has a tireless passion for creating extraordinary homes and meticulous remodeling projects that exceed client expectations. He prides himself on capturing the charm and elegance of yesterday’s homes, which defines the profound philosophy of quality materials and the value of distinct craftsmanship.

For over 20 years, Coe Brier Construction has established strong and lasting relationships with their clients. Relationships built on a solid foundation of trust and commitment. With the unwavering goal of creating an enjoyable, collaborative building experience, his commitment is to ensure exceptional service and management practices to discerning clients originating from the initial design conception through final project completion.

Coe Brier is a ‘hands-on’ builder committed to making every part of your building experience both pleasant and successful!

William Stephen Coe Brier


As the founder and President of Coe Brier Construction Inc., Coe graduated from Clemson University in 1986 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Administrative Management. With an early career in the financial investment market, Coe identified the demand and a personal interest within the custom-built housing market for investment-quality homes. These types of homes utilize a combination of high-quality, old-world materials, superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. To address this niche market, Coe began his building career in the residential industry as a project manager in Pinehurst, NC, and has worked in various facets of the construction industry since 1989.

It is not uncommon to find Coe Brier on-site during the all phases of the construction process. Catering to a discerning clientele, and to ensure client satisfaction, each project mandates that he becomes personally immersed in all aspects to ensure a complete and superior finished product. His pre-construction planning is thorough and transparent, and his attention to detail is evident. Leverageing a successful background in carpentry and traditional building practices, coupled by his desire to always expand his knowledge of historic and new building techniques, Coe Brier Construction offers each client distinctive and unlimited possibilities.

Our Services

Coe Brier Construction is an established new-home and remodeling company experienced in all aspects of home construction and renovations. We pride ourselves in capturing the charm and hand-crafted elegance of yesterday’s homes with the state-of-the-art technology and efficiencies of today’s modern building techniques. With satisfied clients spanning both North and South Carolina, we are dedicated to providing proven construction-management services that ensure our clients experience the reality of their dreams



Designing the look and utility of your home to meet expectations is the first crucial step in the building process.

You can select your own architect, or we can introduce you to one of many architects we have worked with.

During the design phase, the architect will help to incorporate your desires and ideas into tangible building specifications.

A detailed review of the building site will also be evaluated where further design and construction considerations can then be discussed.



The planning phase involves a careful review and discussion of the materials and methods used to build your new home, which includes a review of the building regulations and a myriad of items associated with the required permits. Most of the considerations from the design phase are made during this time and a complete materials list will be generated based on your specific needs.

 A detailed operations budget is also produced and reviewed to ensure there are no surprises and no hidden costs. Once this budget is approved, the building phase begins.




Once the final plans are approved by the client, and all permits and associated fees are satisfied, the first stage of building your home begins. Daily on-sight management ensures a timely and productive work schedule. Monthly reports outlining the financial status, as well as routine progress reports, are also key deliverables provided.

The building process concludes only following a final walk through to ensure all work has been completed to your satisfaction

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